HIllywood Art

Object Taxi Dermi ‘Les Oiseaux Des Bijoux’

The Jewelry Birds

Originally, the greatest taxi dermi projects tend to focus on the most attractive, colorful wildlife species like peacocks, the reed ibis or exotic parrots. All absolutely beautiful. On the other hand, Hillywood Art feels there is more to nature and birdlife that deserves attention, that can add unexpected and unconventional style and value to the world of interior design.

To honor the bird species we generally view as ‘common’, or even unwanted, Hillywood Art started a special taxi dermi design project dressing up a selection of animals from our more ‘next door bird realm’. For the project real and authentic vintage jewelry was collected to decorate the birds.

I Honoris Anatidea (honoring the goose)

II Honoris Columba (honoring the pigeon)

III Honoris Corvus (honoring the crow)